House, Parque Valle del Sol, Pozos, Santa Ana

House, Parque Valle del Sol, Pozos, Santa Ana

House, Parque Valle del Sol, Pozos, Santa Ana

San Pedro

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750 m2


Go Real Estate Costa Rica sells house located in Santa Ana that has:

  • 1568 m lot (additional green area next to the lot) located in a dead end street (VIP Zone), 750 m2 construction + extras
  • 60 m front with golf course (the best sunset in the residential community!) View of the golf course and mountains from different points of the house.
  • A combined colonial – Italian Villa style
  • 5 or 6 bedrooms (one of these can be converted into two) all in suites + sleeping quarters for 2 maids; 110 m2 main bedroom with projector and electric screen installations.
  • Main bathroom with coralline stone, jacuzzi, double shower, mini terrace and steam bath
  • Large living room, new fully equipped kitchen (stainless steel industrial equipment) with everyday dining area, elevated main dining room, office, TV room and two terraces (one next to the living room facing the garden and the other in the master bedroom).
  • Interior dry garden with fountain.
  • Bar with cast iron elements for wine – music control center
  • Garage for 2 cars (parking area for additional vehicles)
  • Circular lookout balcony with view of the golf course
  • Ranch for BBQs and parties (with independent bathroom)
  • Large garden with pool and jacuzzi (both with independent bathroom)
  • Wiring for sound system in living room, dining room, terrace and ranch, wiring for security cameras
  • Alarm system and central air conditioning for all bedrooms
  • Automatic sprinklers for garden and a separated pet area

Sale price: $1.000.000

ID property: ML173

Agente Raquel Zumbado

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Oficina : (506) 2280-7373

Móvil : (506) 8320-6768

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